Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool Palm Pre Soap

I have been busy at the keyboard trying to work on my manuscript for my thriller but here is the newest geeky soap creation!

Some of my friends got the brand new Pam Pre and that has me intrigued since I have been reading and researching about this new phone in the smart phone market. I have been playing with it so I love to hear pros and cons from fellow smart phone enthusiasts! Here is my very cool soap creation that models from the Palm Pre!
This soap is pretty close to the actual phone in size. It has the small black button at the bottom and the "screen icons" in its "flat screen". The top layer of the soap is dark grayish black and the bottom layer is a slightly lighter shade of gray. It weighs about 3 oz and I have one scented with a Coca Cola fragrance.
Check it out here: Cool Palm Pre Soap

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